Boutique or Big?

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Why a bespoke and personalised agency is often far smoother than dealing with one of the big players.

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Is bigger always better? You might think this is always the case, however this might not be relevant when it comes to insurance.

A boutique insurance agency is a bespoke and personalised agency that often serves a specialised niche of insurance, rather than all types of insurance. They often operate with fewer staff and have only the best professionals within their team. This makes it easier to deliver the best offerings and give the best quality service to each client.

While a larger company, likely has their employees working over many different types of insurance, rather than a niche. Meaning their advice can be more generalised, rather than specialised.

More times than not, the boutique insurance agency is better at providing a “full-service” experience. However, both have their differences and similarities – alongside pros and cons.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience with a boutique insurance agency like Aspect Underwriting:

A Bespoke Approach

Unlike most bigger companies, a boutique insurance agency treats each client as an individual, with individual insurance needs. This is because of the smaller nature of the business, so the team can often offer a customised service to the clients. They can also invest more time into getting to know their customers’ needs and occupations according to them.

Faster Service

Boutique agencies are also known for their faster service. They often have processes in place, that means your policy doesn’t have to pass over hundreds of desks, before it gets finalised.


Often with a smaller agency, comes more experienced team members, who are experts in their field. Since they offer niche insurance policies, they have a deeper understanding, rather than just basic knowledge of the insurances they offer.

The experts within boutique agencies know exactly what they are selling – and they are proud of the products and services they are offering.

Boutique insurance agencies are always focused on offering nothing but the best to their clients, which makes them much more customer orientated. If you haven’t thought of choosing a smaller provider for your insurance needs, don’t neglect the benefits that a boutique insurance agency can bring you.

At the end of the day, the quality of service will depend on the individual company, regardless of it being big or boutique. So, make sure you do your research before purchasing any insurance policies, no matter the company.

If you are looking for one of the best boutique accident insurance agencies in Melbourne, then we may have found the agency or you– Aspect Underwriting.

Aspect Underwriting is a boutique insurance agency that specialises in income protection insurance, accidental death insurance, life insurance, trauma insurance and TPD insurance.

They offer bespoke services for both individuals and businesses, and their team of experts can provide you with customised insurance services.

Get in touch with Aspect Underwriting if you are looking for any of their services mentioned above. The best part about working with Aspect is that you can purchase any of their insurance policies online within 10 minutes, without having to call or meet with anyone.

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