Car Importing in Canada – Here’s How You Can Make it Simple

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Importing a car in Canada is one tricky business whether you’re buying one for your personal use or motivated from a business perspective. Now, this is primarily because the customs laws in Canada are quite stringent. Such are the technicalities that it’s impossible for any person – other than professionals at customs clearance firms like Clearit – to actually understand them, let alone fulfill them single-handedly. Hence, the car importing services like the Clearit Canada car importing service. 

Such services are the few rare ways in which you can make an import a hassle free process. Want to know how? Well, then, have a look at the guide below.

  1. Customs Brokers at Clearit Can Handle Everything

Whether your good(s) are coming by air, ship, or truck, Clearit offers its services at every minor and major port and at every cross border road crossway. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything when you have them working for you. 

  1. They Provide the AES Number

Did you know that you cannot import goods in Canada without an AES number? On top of it, applying for one all by yourself is extremely tedious, and not to forget, quite expensive too. 

But, the professionals at Clearit Canada can actually file for one on your behalf at just 125 dollars. 

  1. They’re Easy to Work With

The broker assigned for your project will always be there to resolve any query that you might have. Besides, they will make sure that their agent is present while the cross border transfer of your goods (car(s) in this case) to make sure that the parcel is not damaged at the time of receiving. 

  1. They Let You Customize

Importing a car in Canada is not a one step process. It doesn’t end with the AES generation alone. Instead, it involves many stages like the more important ones listed below. 

  • Generating the AES/ITN number.
  • Submitting all documents to the Automotive Export Control at least 72 hour before the arrival of your package is scheduled. 
  • Remittance of duties & taxes to Canada Customs.
  • Complete customs accounting documentation before the package is released. 

Quite clearly, you cannot do all these things by yourself. For example, you cannot be present at the time of crossing to inspect the package and you, most certainly, cannot be in constant touch with the cross border authorities. You’ll most certainly need a broker for all these tasks. But, Clearit still respects your decision and lets you choose to buy just the AES generation service. And for people who would want everything to be handled without having to worry about a thing can buy the entire package of services at just 389.99 dollars.

All in all, you’ll be able to just sit back and relax while Clearit professionals will do all the work on your behalf.