Difference Between Travel Insurance And World Health Coverage

Difference Between Travel Insurance And World Health Coverage

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In today’s globalised world, travelling abroad for various purposes, including business, leisure, and education, is increasingly common. By purchasing international travel insurance online, you can rest assured that you can access comprehensive medical coverage and quality healthcare providers, no matter where you are, should something unforeseen occur. *

However, people frequently conflate a global health insurance policy with a travel insurance policy. While both of these plans cover you while you are out of the country, they cover specific risks associated with international travel.

  • Global health insurance

This form of insurance, or international or global health insurance, provides comprehensive medical coverage and access to quality healthcare services for planned cashless hospitalisation. Bajaj allianz travel insurance helps one with a designed plan for individuals who wish to receive world-class medical care worldwide.* 

Few plans also cover obtaining a medical visa and a round-trip economy-class air ticket for an accompanying immediate family member.

Customers can choose between worldwide and worldwide coverage, excluding the United States and Canada. Plans that exclude US and Canadian institutions have lower premium costs.*

  • International travel insurance

Designed explicitly for short-term travels and to cover travel-related adverse events, this insurance covers medical emergencies during a foreign visit and other financial emergencies that may arise while travelling abroad.*

It protects travellers against unforeseen occurrences such as trip cancellations or interruptions, missing or delayed luggage, emergency medical expenses, and other travel-related incidents such as loss of passport, belongings, etc. Some travel insurance policies cover your home or flat in your native country against burglary or theft while abroad.*

Global medical coverage versus travel insurance

  • Type of coverage: 

Worldwide health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage against planned hospitalisation for severe conditions such as cancer, heart surgery, or kidney transplant. 

Many international health insurance plans require that such diseases be first diagnosed in India. On the other hand, travel insurance covers only emergency hospitalisation while travelling abroad.

In addition, worldwide health insurance plans automatically include coverage for planned or unanticipated hospitalisation expenses incurred in India, similar to a conventional health insurance plan. However, travel insurance will only cover losses that occur abroad.

  • Coverage duration: 

The benefit of travel insurance worldwide is long-term insurance, ranging from 1 to 3 years. In contrast, travel insurance can be purchased for as little as a few days or months, as it typically covers only the duration of the foreign trip. *

  • Cost: 

Worldwide health insurance plans are typically 30-50% more expensive than domestic ones, but they provide consumers access to the worldwide planned treatment.*

On the other hand, because travel insurance provides coverage against travel-related adverse events in specific countries for a limited duration, it is typically quite affordable.

The issue is, therefore, which one you should purchase. Typically, a consumer should choose both options.

Bajaj allianz travel insurance policy protects you in the event of theft, loss of baggage or passport, medical emergency, or other unfavourable occurrences. Worldwide health insurance, on the other hand, is a health insurance plan that provides access to planned treatment in the world’s best institutions.*

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