Sell Diamond ring to Specialists

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Value of Diamond

Diamond is the solid form of carbon. Diamonds are very expensive and very beautiful. With the diamonds’ beautiful jewellery pieces like diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made. Sometimes they are used in watches for decorating. They are valuable possessions like gold, platinum, silver, and other valuable metals.

 Need to sell diamond

But sometimes situations may arise where one is in desperate need of some cash. In such a case, people may want to sell their diamond ring. In Australia, people can sell diamond ring Sydney Gold Buyers.

Educate before selling

Women love to own diamond jewellery. People at weddings give each other diamond rings. But before selling, one should educate themselves about the prices, where to sell, and whom to sell, so that one is not fooled.

Best place to sell

To sell diamond rings generally, people go to local jewellery shops, pawnshops and sometimes sell online. But Sydney Gold Buyer specialises in buying and selling diamonds and gold. Hence it is much secured to sell diamond rings at a fair price here.

Sell diamond rings in a safe way 

Sydney Gold Buyers is a small family run business. They offer many advantages to their customers. They help the customers to sell diamond rings in a very safe way. And also, the process is hassle-free, quick, and convenient.

Services provided 


For selling diamond rings, prior appointments are not required. People willing to sell their diamond rings can go at their own convenient time. They straight away give the highest quote to their customers. People can give their rings and take the cash immediately. They pay the highest price for diamond rings.

A trusted company 


 Sydney Gold Buyers has been buying and selling diamond and diamond rings, golds, silver for many years. Therefore they can be trusted. Also, they are professionals in this field.

Assessing the correct value

Customers can bring any diamond ring to them. They have a full-time gemologist at their office. Gemologists provide correct assessment and value of the cut diamond and fancy coloured diamond. If customers have any queries, they are very happy to solve them.

Why sell a diamond ring to them?

The advantages of selling diamond rings to them are many. Customers don’t have to go to pawn shops, which are generally not well secured. And no strangers go to the client’s house. And there is no need to use a trading post. Their office also has a good security system.

Important points to note


To sell the diamond ring, all the customer has to do is take their existing valuation and existing valuation certificates. Gold Buyers Sydney buys diamond rings of any kind like old, new in any form and condition.

Visiting hours


Clients can visit their store from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. and on Saturday between 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 pm. They are closed only on Sunday.

 Therefore, Gold Buyer Sydney is ideal for selling diamond rings at a fair price in Sydney.

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