The Importance of Average Watch Time on YouTube

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Whether you are a Youtube video creator or a viewer, you surely have heard about the average Watch Time value. But what is Average watch Time?  What are its benefits and advantages? How it affects your earning? These, are some questions we are going to discuss today.

If you want to boost your earnings or grow your channel, average watch time is something you must look to increase. It is the average time, minutes, or hours your viewers watch your content or video, and it possibly one of the most important metrics to rank on youtube.

What is Average Watch Time?

Nowadays, it is not very difficult to get viewers’ attention online. But to then keep their attention is a big deal, and this deal defines the importance of your video content. This importance of content is determined by the average total time spent by your viewers on your video. This Physical quantity is commonly known as “Average Watch time”, or “Average Audience Retention”.

This watch time depends directly on how engaging content you provide. An exciting content makes the viewers stick to the end of the video, increasing watch time. That is why it is crucial to plan and execute your video for more watch time and apply all the possible tips and tricks to reach the best watch time from you viewers.

What are the Advantages of Average Watch Time on Youtube?

Since watch determines the importance of your content, it is a pivotal factor to grow your channel. Some of the advantages are discussed here:

  • Youtube determines the total earning and value of your content based on watch time. In an official statement, Youtube has stated that audience retention is hugely essential for their algorithm and ranking. Also, if viewer watch longer they will also see more ads hence, you will make more money.
  • Watch time is possibly the most essential factor in determining the ranks of videos on Youtube and Google. Of course, some other factors are also used, but ultimately the main goal is to keep the audience watching as long as you can. A simple yet difficult goal.
  • When viewers stick to the end of your videos, it becomes easy to deliver your message and get conversions, whether it is into subs or sales. It helps you to grow fast, and you can start endorsing brands for more income. Also, you can increase your reach and grow your fan following along the way.

How Watch Time effects your Earnings?

Now, as you know, this watch time determines the worth of your content at the eyes of YouTube’s algorithm; you can understand yourself why it Is so important for earnings too, if you think about it. More watch time means more ads to show for Youtube, which means more rewards for you. In addition, more watch time means you are growing as a channel and reaching more viewers. This helps you to make a name for the channel and start brand endorsements.

How to increase your Watch Time? 7 Things to consider

Now that you know how important watch time is, you surely want to understand how to increase it. Youtube has several features that allow you to check the progress of your video and its reach. For example, you can check your videos’ average watch time and see which age group prefers your videos the most. After analyzing it, you can now plan on how to increase your watch time. Some tips to increase are discussed below:

  1. Start making your videos more exciting and bring the fun element now and then. You can spice things up by adding thrill or suspense that will make viewers stick.
  2. Analyze your performance start framing an idea about who you are reaching to with your content. For example, find the age group most attracted to your content and start directing your videos accordingly.
  3. Headlines and thumbnails are the first things that attract views. Make them exciting and irresistible as the first impression is the last.
  4. Be energetic and start experimenting. It is essential to be up for change and take a calculated risk. People love seeing the variety, and you should supply the demand.
  5. You can take motivation from the best in business. Start watching those who are doing well and take inspiration from them. Spend time researching before creating anything to have a better understanding of things.
  6. Time is the most important currency. Don’t create too-long videos as they often end up being boring. The shorter, the better is what they say. Average watch time is more important then watch time itself. Of course a video 1 hour long will be watched more than one which is 3 minutes long, but you need to think of average watch time in terms of percentage (%) of the actual video length!
  7. Another thing you could do to increase watch time, is to purchase high retention views. Just make sure that the views you get are legit, permanent and will actually boost your average retention. On the web you’ll find a few, we found lenostube’s high retention views to be quite effective.

How to Check your Watch Time Analytics?

Open Creator Studio Dashboard, and click on ‘Analytics’ at the top of the graphs. Now you’ll find an ‘Interest Viewers’ tab, and there you’ll find the ‘Average View Duration’ box. Clicking on this will open the graphical view of your average Watch Time duration.

In light of this information, we can conclude that watch time is the modern tool of Youtube growth. Now you know the basics and advantages of it, you can check the status of your watch time and improve it if required.

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